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What is an international freight forwarder in international logistics?

A few days ago, Chongqing City Vocational College held the "Bayu Craftsman" Cup competition. This competition is to simulate the real working scene of an international freight forwarding company, from the practical problems that must be solved in the work, including customer communication, transportation route design, international freight transportation quotation, business operation, insurance, customs declaration, cost and benefit, claims, and complaint handling Starting from other content, the focus will be on the core professional skills of the contestants’ freight forwarders, as well as their abilities in logical thinking and time management.


What is an international freight forwarder in international logistics?


What is an international freight forwarder, what role does it play in real life, and what services can it provide?


International freight forwarding is the abbreviation of international freight forwarder. The international freight forwarding industry refers to accepting the entrustment of the consignee, consignor or carrier of import and export goods, in the name of the consignor or in its own name, to handle the international freight transportation business and related business for the consignor, and collect A company that pays for services.


International freight forwarding services:

1. Quotation: Sort out the daily freight prices (including air, sea, rail, etc.) from major routes and shipping ports to destination ports. When there is an inquiry from the client, it is necessary to know the required transportation method, the name of the transportation goods, and the hazard level. A basic quotation will be given after waiting for the information.


2. Receiving orders: After accepting the entrustment, it is necessary to note important information, such as: shipping date, destination, cargo name, box type, number of pieces, gross weight, volume, etc., so that the specific quotation can be calculated and given to the client. Provide payment terms, disclaimers, etc. to the owner to avoid problems such as unclear responsibilities.


3. Route planning: According to the obtained information (port of departure, port of destination, etc.), recommend the best mode of transportation (sea, air, Qatar Airways, railway, etc.) to the client, and plan the best route (direct or transit) .


4. Booking: As a carrier, book space for the owner. Make a power of attorney, affix the company's booking seal to book the space, and obtain the space allocation receipt, and obtain the information of the ship's name, voyage, and bill of lading number.


5. Customs declaration: Prepare the documents required for customs declaration for agency inspection, agency declaration and other services, including instructing customers to make relevant documents, checking documents, declaration to the customs, follow-up declaration, cooperative inspection, etc.


6. Bill of lading and delivery: If the owner chooses to pick up the parcel by himself, the owner needs to sign for it. After the door-to-door goods are cleared and arrive at the warehouse, local sorting and delivery will be arranged. If they are delivered by EMS and express delivery, they should be marked on the "Address List", such as: "Bill of Lading No.", "Invoice No.", "Verification No.", " License number", "quota number" and other elements for future verification.


7. Liquidation and return: The International Freight Forwarder will urge the client to settle the voyage costs within one month and return the "tax refund form" to the owner in time.


The emergence of international freight forwarders is conducive to foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce and other enterprises to focus on their core business, thereby improving their competitiveness. For logistics and transportation channels (airlines, ships, railway companies, etc.), international freight forwarders can maximize the use of warehouses, thereby saving costs and increasing profits. For the consignor and the consignee, it can provide door-to-door service from the origin to the destination, saving time. Therefore, international freight forwarders have also become an indispensable role to society.

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