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Will Japan's nuclear-polluted water discharge plan affect freight?

The South Korean government said on the 8th that South Korea has called on the international community to initiate discussions at a meeting of the International Maritime Organization in response to the plan to discharge nuclear polluted water from Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea, and pointed out that this approach may bring serious negative effects to neighboring countries. influences.


The "London Dumping Convention" and its Protocol Conference were held in London, UK from 3rd to 7th. The convention explicitly prohibits the discharge of radioactive waste into the sea and states that radioactive waste, regardless of its concentration, may pose a significant threat to the marine environment.


Will Japan's nuclear-polluted water discharge plan affect freight?


South Korea's Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said on the 8th that South Korea said during the conference that Japan's plan to discharge nuclear-polluted water into the sea may have a serious negative impact on the safety of aquatic products, public health and ecological environment in neighboring countries, and called on the international community to discuss this.

Let's discuss the impact of the discharge of nuclear polluted water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the sea on freight transport. Both domestic and foreign trade need to go through logistics. You can often see various online "reliable freight forwarders", "reliable freight forwarders" and "conscientious freight forwarders". Container freight forwarders will chat with you about this issue today.


How can cargo owners find reliable freight forwarding companies to cooperate with? This is a question that many trading companies are constantly exploring in practice. How to distinguish whether a freight forwarding company is reliable? Is it suitable? First of all, we can list the qualities that a reliable freight forwarding company needs to have. There are about the following 5 points:


1. The company is formal, not cheating or cheating;

2. Transparent prices and no arbitrary charges;

3. The channel is stable and not exaggerated;

4. The staff is stable, and the customer service does not change frequently;

5. Information is delivered in a timely manner, changes are communicated in a timely manner, and problems can be dealt with in a timely manner.


So how to judge? Next, the container freight forwarder tells you 5 steps:

1. Check whether the freight forwarding company has a business license and the number of years the company has been established (longer establishment time means stronger anti-risk ability). The purpose of this is to filter out some listed small workshops, and the ability of such freight forwarders to bear risks is compared Low, not suitable for long-term cooperation;


2. Look at the service attitude and ability of the salesperson of the freight forwarding company. Communicate more with the salesman, on the one hand, inspect the salesperson's ability, and on the other hand, see how the salesperson treats people and things. The salesman does not exaggerate, treats people honestly, and is worth making friends, which basically means long-term cooperation;


3. Compare prices and shop around. If it is too expensive, it may be because the price is not good, or it is not an advantageous route. Too cheap may be because bad freight forwarders deliberately lower prices in order to grab orders, or use other unstable channels. Choosing freight forwarders is not as cheap as possible, but mainly depends on service and timeliness.


4. On-site inspection. If you have the conditions, you can go to the freight forwarding company for a visit, or you can conduct a video online inspection.


5. Arrange to take a single. As the saying goes, "you only know when a mule or a horse comes out", and long-term development is possible only after the real cooperation has confirmed that there is no problem. See if the completion is the same as what the freight forwarder said, what areas are dissatisfied, whether the salesman will accept your opinions and suggestions, and whether the two sides can fully communicate and coordinate the expansion of the road benefits.


When looking for a freight forwarding company, don’t just try to be cheap. The freight rate is very important, but this must be done under the premise of stable delivery and guaranteed service. The responsibility of freight forwarding is also very important for delivery. Reliable individuals make people trustworthy, and a reliable team composed of reliable people makes people respectful.

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