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Why should I use shipping insurance ?

Why should I use shipping insurance ?


For many suppliers & buyers shipping insurance feels like a waste of money. Until a package gets damaged or lost…then you wonder why you didn’t spend less money to insure your cargos.


You assume that your packages will be delivered to your customer in good condition.After all, you pay shipping costs to the freight forwarder and everything usually goes well.


However, carriers dispatch millions of packages every day,which creates a high risk of damage to or even loss of a package.And not only do you lose the shipping costs and the value of the original package, you also have to pay for a replacement and pay the shipping costs again.


Whether to buy additional insurance or not is always the question when sending packages…


Although you’re not directly responsible for damage or loss, you are responsible for the fact that your customer bought something from you and you owe it to them.That’s why your customer will always come back to you if something get damaged or lost...


Refer to the following advantages of shipping insurance

  1. Provided it’s properly packed, you will be compensated for any damage to or loss of your package
  2. You’ll receive the purchase value of the order + shipping costs, allowing you to send your customer a replacement at no cost to you
  3. It gives you security and you can offer your customers fast service when something goes wrong


We hope this article about shipping insurance has helped you.


If you have any questions pls feel free to contact us. We’re always at your service.














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