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Does the "North Stream-1" natural gas pipeline leak affect freight forwarders?

On September 27, local time, according to Danish Radio and Television, the "North Stream-1" natural gas pipeline leaked in two places. Both leaks occurred in the northeastern part of the Danish island of Bornholm, one in Denmark and the other in Sweden.


According to previous reports, on the 26th, the "North Stream-2" natural gas pipeline also leaked, and the leak point of the pipeline was also located near Bornholm Island.


The Danish Energy Agency has confirmed that a total of three leaks have been detected in the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 gas pipelines. Currently, the Danish Energy Agency requires Energinet, the state-owned company that operates Denmark's energy infrastructure, to make preparations for electricity and natural gas.


"Beixi-1" and "Beixi-2" are two parallel natural gas pipelines, with a total length of more than 1,000 kilometers, from Russia to Germany through the territorial waters of Finland, Sweden and Denmark.


It is not known whether the incident will affect European cargo routes. Once the contaminated areas are closed, the first and most affected will be the international freight forwarders.


Does the "North Stream-1" natural gas pipeline leak affect freight forwarders?


What is an international freight forwarder? It refers to an industry in which an international freight forwarding organization accepts the entrustment of the consignee and consignor of import and export goods, handles international cargo transportation and related business for the client in the name of the client or itself, and collects labor remuneration.


From the basic nature of international freight forwarders, freight forwarders mainly accept the entrustment of the entrusting party on matters related to cargo transportation, transshipment, warehousing, loading and unloading. On the one hand, it signs a contract of carriage with the cargo shipper, and at the same time he signs a contract with the transport department. For the cargo shipper, he is the carrier of the cargo. A considerable number of freight forwarders master various means of transportation and warehouses for storing goods, and handle the transportation of goods including sea, land and air when operating their business.


With the development of international trade and transportation methods, international freight forwarders have penetrated into every field of international trade and are an indispensable and important part of international trade. The rapid development of the market economy has made the social division of labor more and more clear. A single trade operator or a single transportation operator does not have enough power to handle each specific business in person. They need to entrust an agent to handle a series of business procedures for them. , so as to achieve their respective goals. The basic feature of international freight forwarders is that they are entrusted or authorized by the client to handle various services required for international trade and transportation, and receive a certain remuneration, or complete and organize the transportation and storage of goods as an independent operator. It is considered to be the organizer of international transportation, and also known as the bridge of international trade and the designer of international cargo transportation.

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