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The impact of the capsize of a migrant boat in the Syrian waters on freight

On the 24th local time, according to the Syrian Minister of Health Gabash, as of now, 90 people have been killed in the capsizing of a migrant boat in the Syrian waters on the 22nd.


The impact of the capsize of a migrant boat in the Syrian waters on freight


On the same day, the Syrian Minister of Health Hassan Gabash had a phone call with the Lebanese Minister of Health Ferras Abouyad to communicate on the transfer of the remains of the survivors and victims of the capsizing of the migrant boat in the waters off Tartus, Syria. and coordination.


Gabash said that the search and rescue work for the missing is still ongoing. Affected by this incident, freight forwarders to and from Syria and Lebanon will be affected by the time limit, and most of them will be delayed for a week.


The Syrian Arab Republic, referred to as Syria, is located in western Asia, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a middle-income country, located in the center of the Middle East where the world's oil and natural gas is richest. Its economic sources are mainly agriculture, oil, processing industry and tourism. Oil is facing depletion, population growth is too fast, and unemployment is gradually increasing.


At present, the cost of container transportation is increasing year by year, and on the whole, the ship has a brighter prospect than the container logistics market. The freight forwarding model has appeared in recent years, and the current development and popularization situation is not optimistic. Shipping and container transshipment fees are still on a high growth trend.


The main contradiction in the logistics industry at this stage is parasitic competition and cooperative competition, including supply chain channels and application technology resources. From the perspective of supply chain management, this direction needs to be carefully considered. Taking sea freight forwarding as an example, the upstream needs to pay attention to price competition and the accessibility of the supply chain system. Logistics may not be oriented development. It is also necessary to set up logistics sub-warehouses and travel capacity system layout. This direction requires platform guidance to reduce intermediate operating costs through systematic data management.


Therefore, this incident caused a lot of losses to international freight forwarders in West Asia.

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